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The Chicago Cannabis Festival is set to reinvent the professional cannabis expo in Chicago. “ChiCannaFest” will be a first of its kind event for the cannabis & cbd industry as a whole.
It will be the first fully legal, smoke-friendly & professionally produced cannabis expo in Illinois. ChiCannaFest will also include a unique music festival & Chicago food favorites to all attendees.

CHICAGO, Jan. 1, 2020 --


ChiCannaFest today announced the newest festival to hit the Chicago market from Larry Goone, the creator of other events in Chicago such as The Chicago Sexcon and BornABabe’s art and music show RockStar Babes & Body Parts.


ChiCannaFest will revolutionize the typical expo experience by adding the ability to legally consume cannabis in all of its various forms right on the exhibition floor to anyone who purchases a ticket to
this private event. This allows the sampling of cannabis tech & product directly. A first for this industry.

“I have been preparing ChiCannaFest to open to the public for almost 2 years now,”

said Larry Goone, Creator & Founder of The Chicago Cannabis Festival. “It will mix the best of a typical exposition with a fantastic music festival to keep the public fully engaged in our mission
of freedom, information, direction, fun, and access. “ Goone says “We can consume thc, cbd and more right on the show floor, and now we won't be breaking any Illinois laws.” ChiCannaFest will feature some of Illinois’ cannabis cultivators along with breeders from across America. It will also feature area dispensaries & the best in cannabis tech, growing, flower, concentrates, edibles, and more, all shown along with select live bands & top deejays from across all spectrums of music.


This first-ever, 3 day indoor/outdoor celebration of the recreational legalization of cannabis will be held at Chicago’s gem in the city; Galleria Marchetti - on April 9th, 10th & 11th of 2020, from 11am-11pm daily. ChiCannaFest was designed to “break the industry standard” for professional cannabis events. Tickets are required by 21+ aged adults to attend this private event...

No tickets will be sold at the door.


More information including tickets available at -