Thursday, Friday & Saturday

 April 9th, 10th & 11th

Fest Info

Fest Info

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11am - 11pm

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

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Galleria Marchetti

825 W. Erie St.

Chicago, IL

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ChiCannaFest 2020, Chicago’s 1st Ever Legal Cannabis Expo will be held

on April 9th-11th

@ Galleria Marchetti in Chicago


This first of its kind music festival will be held in the city of Chicago in 2020 to celebrate the recreational legalization of cannabis and the industry that will be growing in Illinois and Chicagoland starting

January 1, 2020.

Our 3 day indoor/outdoor music festival will feature the best names in music, great food choices, multiple guest speakers, a large selection of vendors and a professionally produced expo to feature the cannabis industry in all of its aspects.  The expo will be open to the 21+ aged public who have paid to be at the festival and will highlight every aspect of the legal cannabis industry in Illinois including but not limited to intake, sampling, growing, extraction, health info & directory.

We have decided to donate a portion of the ticket proceeds to St.Jude & Shriner’s Children's Hospitals.


As Illinois goes recreationally legal as of Jan 1, 2020, our event will help to bring legal & professional

direction to the Chicago cannabis industry professionals as a whole and the 21+ aged the general public who will be participating in it.


OUR EVENT - ChiCannaFest™

We intend on having a large stage with the best names in live music of all kinds mixed with deejays between musical acts.  3 days and night of entertainment mixed with speakers who will address legal issues, business progress, taxation, medical use, growing support, marijuana stocks, legislation & all aspects of the legal cannabis industry in Illinois & the entire country.


This one of a kind event will be the “go-to” event for all of the cannabis entrepreneurs, business professionals & consumers in Chicagoland & more.. to gather at a fun & exciting music festival in an indoor/outdoor location, perfect for this unique event.


The food will consist of Chicagoland’s best choices in restaurants, quality food trucks & vegan options.

The entertainment will be a multitude of live music acts in all genre styles & a mix of deejay options to please everyone's tastes.


The vendors will consist of Illinois professionally licensed growers and dispensaries & more

showing their growing techniques and products. Other surrounding states will also be in attendance

and will be allowed to vend anything legal.


Other types of vendors are to be CBD manufacturers & sellers, Chicago dispensaries to allow recreational sales, CBD retailers, vape shops, doctors offices, glass blowers & artists, clothing manufacturers, pet supplies, candy retailers, novelty companies, head shops, musicians, restaurants, politicians, sticker retailers, e-cig retailers, stop smoking opportunities, doctors, magic, tattoo companies, corporate entities, greenhouse suppliers & government personalities among many others to be determined.

ChiCannaFest 2020, Chicago’s 1st Ever Legal Cannabis Expo will be held on April 9th-11th @ Galleria Marchetti in Chicago Our festival will be taking place the weekend of THURS 11am-11pm, FRI 11am-11pm & SAT 11am-11pm. 




Governor Pritzker & Mayor Lightfoot both ran their campaigns on legalizing recreational marijuana for Illinois & Chicago citizens with business opportunity potential.




No Illinois or City of Chicago laws will be broken at our festival.


No one under 21 will be allowed under any circumstances.


This cannabis, CBD & music festival has been created by a team of professionals with

over 15 years of event production success.


Galleria Marchetti

825 W. Erie St. Chicago, IL

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For more information about the event,

feel free to contact us.

Phone number: 847-305-6900